2021 BMW 4 series

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Vehicle Overview
9 miles
Drive Type
Stock #
Fuel Type
0.00 City / 0.00 Highway

EquipmentThe rear parking assist technology on this BMW 4 series will put you at ease when reversing. The system alerts you as you get closer to an obstruction. Keep your hands warm all winter with a heated steering wheel in it . You'll never again be lost in a crowded city or a country region with the navigation system on this unit. This model shines with clean polished lines coated with an elegant white finish. This 2021 BMW 4 series has a 2.0 liter 4 Cylinder Engine high output engine. Enjoy the incredible handling with the rear wheel drive on this 2021 BMW 4 series . Quickly unlock this vehicle with keyless entry. Anti-lock brakes will help you stop in an emergency. With the adjustable lumbar support in this model your back will love you. Easily set your speed in this unit with a state of the art cruise control system. Increase or decrease velocity with the touch of a button.PackagesM SPORT PACKAGE: Aluminum Tetragon Trim; M Steering Wheel; M Sport Package (337); Variable Sport Steering; Without Lines Designation Outside; SensaTec Dashboard; M Sport Suspension; Aerodynamic Kit; Wheels: 19" x 8" Fr & 19" x 8.5" Rr M Double-Spoke; Bicolor; Style 797M; Increased Top Speed Limiter; Tires: 225/40R19 Fr & 255/35R19 Rr MT; Run-flat. PREMIUM PACKAGE: Ambient Lighting; Comfort Access Keyless Entry; Lumbar Support; Live Cockpit Pro w/Navi; Head-Up Display; Heated Steering Wheel; Heated Front Seats. AMBIENT LIGHTING. HEAD-UP DISPLAY. HEATED FRONT SEATS. HEATED STEERING WHEEL. LIVE COCKPIT PRO W/NAVI. SENSATEC DASHBOARD. WHEELS: 19" X 8" FR & 19" X 8.5" RR M DOUBLE-SPOKE. Equipment listed is based on original vehicle build. Please confirm the accuracy of the included equipment by calling the dealer prior to purchase.Additional Information**Vehicle Options listed are when the unit was originally built. Please confirm the accuracy of the included equipment by calling the dealer prior to purchase.

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